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Tahkuna Peninsula Batteries

Tahkuna Poolsaare Patareid

On the north coast of Hiiumaa, Tahkuna peninsula used to be a Soviet Army base and was closed off to the public. The central attraction is a fire conducting tower which was used to aim guns on distant targets. It is possible to climb into the tower. Several bunkers and batteries can also be visited, take a torch light...

Soviet fire conducting tower
The fire conducting tower.
Soviet fire conducting tower
The fire conducting tower seen from below.
Fire conducting tower orientation
An orientation aid was painted on the ceiling of the highest floor.
Beds in bunker
Beds rusting away inside a bunker near the tower.

There is a website about Hiiumaa's military history (in Estonian).

Location: 59°5'11"N 22°35'32"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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