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Countdown Clock

Countdown Clock The most popular feature on this website is the countdown clock. Generate a few lines of HTML code for a clock to countdown to a date of your choice and show it in one of several supported languages. The generated code can simply be pasted into a website or blog.


Bookmarklets Bookmarklets are little JavaScript programs that fit into a bookmark. They are used just like normal bookmarks by clicking on them, and perform all kinds of small tasks such as making modifications to the page you are viewing.

StatEye Website Statistics

StatEye Logo - Website Statistics A software package to measure and analyze website traffic. Made for webservers with CGI capabilities on Linux and UNIX systems. It rids you of the necessity to have third party code on your site to measure traffic, not to mention total freedom to make your own reports. Best of all, it is open source.

Firefox Utilities

Firefox Utilities As a small contribution to the Firefox community I sometimes write or build useful things for Firefox. Including a Google site search plugin generator, which allows you to generate a plugin for your own site, and an overview of keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

Yet More Software

Software Other software projects and tools. Such as a weekday calculator and some (now obsolete) tools for Dreamhost.

Games & Fun

Browser War Checkers

Browser War Checkers A JavaScript implementation of the game of checkers themed on the second browser war. It is quite difficult to win against the computer, but nonetheless possible.

Word Search

Word Search The classic game where you have to find words on a page of letters. This version is interactive and allows you to mark the letters and word that you found by clicking on them. When you have found all the words you will be notified.


Backgrounds/Wallpapers A small number of background images for your computer. Most are based on our travel photos. New backgrounds are added every now and then.


1000 Days of Traveling!

Travel Stories In December 2002 we set out for one year of traveling. The year passed too quickly so we continued for another 21 months! Visiting: Central America, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia. Check out our 31 travel updates and more than 1,100 photos.

Pictures of Estonia

Pictures of Estonia Photos of beautiful places in Estonia taken between 1997 and 2014. Including the leaning lighthouse of Harilaid, the Kaali meteorite crater and many photos of Tallinn. As the country is sparsely populated, there many of these places are not often visited.

Komodo and its Dragons

Komodo and its Dragons In the summer of 2001, we visited Komodo (an Indonesian island), home to the world's largest lizards. They can grow up to 3 meters long and weigh 100kg! Unfortunately they are an endangered species.

Country Race

World Map of Visited Countries Thumbnail One of the sillier competitions in my life is the country race. See how far I've gotten and how the competition is doing...



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Currently this website contains more than 1,500 pages, all of it original content, so hopefully you will enjoy exploring it.

I specialize in web based application development and maintainance on Linux and UNIX platforms, and have also taken an interest in cryptocurrencies. If interested you can contact me or connect to my networks.

Otto de Voogd

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