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Create a free countdown clock/timer for your site or blog.

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Quick Instructions

The form above allows you to create a customized countdown clock/timer. You can count down to a particular date such as your next birthday, an upcoming wedding or the end of the world... Just fill in the details and click on the Generate Pop-up Code or Generate iFrame Code button. The HTML code will appear in the text box below the form, just copy and paste the text into your homepage and you are done.

Some community sites do not allow adding iframes or JavaScript, in those cases a link is the only solution. That can be done by using the Generate Raw URL or Generate W3C URL button (for a W3C compliant URL). For forums that accept BBcode use the Generate BBcode button. When you want to e-mail, instant message, twitter or post your countdown somewhere where long URLs are incovenient you can use the Generate Short URL button to get a very short URL.

If you do not know what an option is for, it is easiest to just leave it on the default setting. You can also play around with the options and see what the result is in the preview window. For detailed instructions and explanations of all the options read the Countdown Clock Help Page. If you wish to use another language check the overview of supported languages for instructions on how to get it added.

The countdown clock uses JavaScript. Hence it will run on the vast majority of present day browsers without any special effort by the visitor (no plugins, no Flash, no Java).

Other Countdown Tools and Resources:

  • Countdown Clock Help Page - Explains all the customization options available for the countdown clock.
  • Countdown Bookmarklets - Create a personalized countdown bookmarklet, to have your favorite countdown just one click away.
  • Countdown Plugins - Create a customized countdown "search" plugin, to count down to any date entered into your browser's search box.
  • Vote for the Countdown Clock - If you have enjoyed using the countdown clock, please take a minute to vote for it or write a short review for it.

Countdown Samples

Problems or Questions?

There are many browsers and platforms, things do not work the same way for all. I have done my best to make it as compatible as possible but if you still find problems or errors please report them to me: E-mail Otto de Voogd

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All software by Otto de Voogd.

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