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7is7.com Copyright Policy

This site is Copyright 1995-2013 © Otto de Voogd

There is a lot of content on the 7is7.com website which took a lot of time to create. By law any work is also the copyright of the person who made it, so you may not just use any content here as you please, there are a few rules, though these are quite liberal.

Unless specifically stated otherwise these are the rules which apply to materials published on this site.

What you may do freely without limitations:

  1. You may link to any page on this site, this site follows a policy to avoid pages disappearing (and will redirect them properly in the rare cases that they do). So you can rest assured that your link will not be broken.
  2. You may quote excerpts, meaning a paragraph or a few sentences, from this site as long as you accompany it with a clearly visible, followable and indexable link to the original page containing the excerpt. In print media excerpts need to be accompanied by the URL of the original webpage.
  3. You may freely make (or copy) thumbnail size (maximum 160x160 pixels) versions of any image (including photos) on this site and make them available on other sites as long as you accompany it with a clearly visible, followable and indexable link to the webpage containing the original image. In print media thumbnails need to be accompanied by the URL of the original webpage.
  4. You may download webpages, images and other media to your own computer for your own personal use (this includes showing it to friends in a fashion not accessible to the general public).
  5. Snippets of code made available in webpages, such as examples or suggestions in a text or code generated by a tool on this site can be used freely as code (including copying and redistribution) without requiring attribution. However if used in a text, they fall under the excerpt rule (point 2 above).
  6. Software made available for download, can be used as described in accompanying licences (usualy GNU GPL).

What you may do with limitations:

  1. Except where it is stated otherwise, you may use a limited number of photos and text-excerpts from this website free of charge, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. In such cases:
    • Proper attribution, including a clearly visible, indexable and followable link to the original is required (or a printed URL in print media).
    • Such attribution may not imply endorsement of your project or work on my part.
    • In turn you may not prevent others from copying or reusing the (altered) material(s) and must impose attribution to the original on reuse of the (altered) material(s).
    What is "a limited" number can vary on a case by case basis, but up to 5 should not be a problem. If in doubt just send me an E-mail detailing what you would like to use and how you would like to use it.

Note: If you would like an original size photo (for example, for a printed publication), that is possible in exchange for a small fee. Looking up the original and sending it costs me time. The fee is mostly to make sure that only people who really want it ask for it and that I get some minimal compensation for my efforts. You are free to suggest a fee yourself, that is reasonable in relation to your intended use.

  1. Seen a bit of HTML, CSS or JavaScript that you want to use? Not an entire page or program but just a short excerpt? Feel free to copy it, but try to attribute it properly.

What you may not do:

  1. Hotlink images and other media content.
  2. Hotlink JavaScript files, except where explicitely permitted or implicitly made available by a tool available on this site.
  3. Scrape anything other than feeds intended for that purpose.
  4. Copy lengthy excerpts, entire pages or a large number number of photos without explicit prior permission and publish them in any fashion, including electronically or in print.
  5. Copy and publish other media without prior permission.
  6. Use any material on this site, or any act using said material, for a copyright or patent claim, except as a defense against such claims or unless explicitly authorized by me.

This site deploys strategies to detect and prevent unauthorized hotlinking and scraping so even if it may work for a while, you will soon notice broken images or non-functioning pages on your site without prior warning.

Violations of copyrights and/or persistent attempts to hotlink or scrape will trigger an automatic legal right for compensation from offenders and may result in termination of services provided to offenders by their ISP.

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