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A number of pages on 7is7.com carry an advertisement, this is the case only on pages with actual content. It is possible to place your own ads there. There are two ways to advertise on 7is7.com, via Google AdWords or by advertising directly.

An advantage of advertising on 7is7.com is that our webpages have at most one ad unit, with the exception of a few very long pages which have one per section. Each unit usually consists of 2 or 4 ad spaces, most often just 2 spaces. This means that your ad will not be competing with many other ads, which is a big plus especially when paying on a per impression basis.

Via Google AdWords

By far the easiest way is to use your Google AdWords account. Find the pages on 7is7.com that already carry advertisement and that you want to advertise on and target those or the specific channels for your ads using the Google AdWords interface. You do not need to contact us, you can just start whenever you please and stop whenever you please. You need not worry about meeting our criteria for advertisers, when you already meet Google's criteria.

Google Ad Planner


You can also advertise directly on 7is7.com. Your ad will then replace an existing Google AdSense ads, which means that your ad will usually be the only one on a given page. Find the pages or sections you are interested in advertising on and mail us all the relevant information including the site you want to promote. We will then send you a quote for that particular section. Prices vary per section or page according to how much Google AdSense revenue is generated in that section or on that page. A minimum of 100 USD must be spent per ad campaign.


For specific offers or requests: contact us by E-mail

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