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Kaarma Church Inside

Kaarma kirik

The inside of Kaarma church is rich with unique decorations. Unfortunately I haven't had the time yet to work out what everything is or what it represents.

Kaarma church has two naves
Kaarma church has two naves
Kaarma church pulpit
Kaarma church pulpit

A wooden statue of an old man stands below the pulpit, something tells me this isn't just any old man. Unfortunately when I wrote this I did not know who this is.

Wooden sculpture of old man
Wooden sculpture of an old man

The pillars seperating the two naves are adorned with reliefs.

Reliefs on Kaarma church nave pillar
Relief on nave pillar
Reliefs on Kaarma church symbol
Relief symbol
Reliefs on Kaarma church plaque
Commemorative plaque
Reliefs on Kaarma church coat of arms
Coat of arms

However the most important decoration in Kaarma, is a pentagram, shown on the next page.

Location: 58°20'57"N 22°30'34"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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