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A new version of this tool that uses the OpenSearch standard is now available here: OpenSearch Plugin Generator.

This utility allows you to create a search plugin for your website that uses Google's custom search facility. A search plugin allows people to search a website directly from their browser.

This utility also generates the code for a Google search box that performs the exact same search as the plugin. Additionally a version of the plugin that you can submit to the Mycroft plugin database is generated. Obviously the website that you want to search needs to be indexed by Google for the search box and plugin to work.

Enter your details:

Your URL:
Note: Avoid "www" prefix. Using sub-directories is OK (ex. 7is7.com/otto )
The name of your site:
Plugin filename:
Icon type: Leave as "png" if you are not sure.
Number of results per page: Leave as "20" if you are not sure.
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Your site's encoding: Leave on "UTF-8" if you are not sure.
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This free plugin generator has been developed and is copyrighted by Otto de Voogd.

Contact me for feedback and bug reports.

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