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OpenSearch Plugin Generator


This utility allows you to create a search plugin in the open search format. A search plugin allows people to search a website directly from their browser.

The only thing you need to do is locate the HTML source code that represents the search box on your site. And copy and paste that into this form.

If you don't have a search facility for your site head over to Google Co-op and create a Google custom search for the site(s) you are interested in searching.

Enter your details:

Enter the short name of your site and the URL of your site that contains the search box that you want to make a search plugin for.
Site Name:
Site URL:
Copy and paste the source of the form that you want to create a search plugin for. That's the part between <form ...> and </form>.
Paste search box code:
You do not have to change the encoding, plugin and favicon filenames, unless you really need to. If you are sure your site uses another encoding you can change it here, UTF-8 is most widely used.
Input Encoding:
Plugin filename:
Favicon filename:
If you want to host the plugin on another site (or other path) than the site's own URL, fill in the URL (end paths with a slash '/') below (or just the URL of the page where you want to host the plugin).
Host Site:


The open search plugin generator has been developed and is copyrighted by Otto de Voogd.

Contact Otto de Voogd for feedback and bug reports.

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