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Firefox 4 Download Guesstimator

2011-07-05: Disabled. No count of Firefox 5 downloads has been made available by Mozilla.

On July 31st, 2009 Firefox reached the historic milestone of 1 Billion (= 1000 Million) downloads for which this guesstimator was originally built. Currently the guesstimator defaults to making an estimate for the 250 millionth Firefox 4 download. However you can choose any other target milestone through the form at the bottom of this page.

The total number of Firefox 4 downloads is guesstimated to reach --:

Between -- and -- (UTC).

Best Estimate: -- (UTC)

Firefox has already been downloaded more than -- times!
Please choose a future download milestone.

This guesstimate is based on the median and interquartile range of download rates measured over the past -- days, according to which we can on average expect anywhere between -- and -- downloads per day, with the median average being -- downloads per day. The download counter currently stands at --.

If the download rate increases or decreases significantly this will have a major effect on the estimated result, however as we get closer to a target milestone the estimate should become more and more precise and the date range should narrow down.

Guesstimate another target:

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