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Firefox Download Counter Tweets

2011-07-05: Disabled. No count of Firefox 5 downloads has been made available by Mozilla.

Follow the Firefox download counter totals and milestones on Twitter, Identi.ca and Mozilla Status Net.

Donwload Milestones

There are special microblogs on Twitter, Identi.ca and Mozilla Status Net that tweet/dent the Firefox Download totals every time the download total pases another 1 million downloads milestone:

Donwload Monitoring Tweets

Currently disabled due to high frequency of tweets and doubts about their usefulness.

There are also microblogs on Twitter and Identi.ca that tweet the Firefox Download totals every time a new total is collected (which is every 5 minutes) so you can monitor the download totals more or less in real-time:

Note: every 5 minutes is a very high update frequency which might be very annoying - only follow these microblogs if you really want updates that often.

How It Works

Mozilla publishes a feed that contains the total downloads. Our scripts check the total downloads every 5 minutes, if an updated total is found it will tweet this in the FirefoxCounter microblogs on Twitter and Identi.ca. Sometimes the total is not updated, in that case there will be no entry in the microblog. When the total passes a million mark, the script will tweet this in the microblogs on Twitter (FirefoxTweets), Identi.ca (FirefoxMilestones) and Mozilla Status Net (FirefoxMilestones).

Also of Interest

If you like the download counter tweets you may also be interested in the following Firefox download counter resources:

Feel free to follow my personal tweets/dents on , Identi.ca/ottodv and Mozilla.status.net/ottodv.

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