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Valaste Waterfall

Valaste Juga

With a 26 meter drop this is the highest waterfall in Estonia, it is located in Valaste along the Ontika cliff, which itself reaches 56 meters at its highest point.

The outcrop created by the waterfall exposes the geological layers of the cliff. The strikingly blueish layer is glauconitic sandstone.

Valaste Waterfall
The entire waterfall with the help of a little image stitching.

A view platform opposite the waterfall makes it possible to take the photo seen above.

Valaste Waterfall viewing platform
The viewing platform
Valaste stream flows to the sea
The waterfall's stream flows to the sea

The photos on this page replace a photo of the waterfall from 2004.

Location: 59°26'38"N 27°20'6"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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