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Mehikoorma Lighthouse

Mehikoorma tuletorn

Meehikoorma is a village located along the narrowest point of the sound connecting lake Peipsi (Peipus) to lake Pihkva (Pskov). Officially the sound is no longer lake Peipsi and not yet lake Pihkva but instead lake Lämmijärv. At Mehikoorma the distance from the western shore (Estonia) of the lake to the eastern shore (Russia) is just 2 kilometers.

The Mehikoorma lighthouse is a 15m tall cylindrical concrete construction that was built in 1938. It is apparently the tallest lighthouse on the shores of lake Peipsi.

Mehikoorma lighthouse
Mehikoorma lighthouse
Mehikoorma lighthouse overlooking lake Peipsi
Mehikoorma lighthouse overlooking lake Peipsi
Mehikoorma lighthouse as seen from the beach
Mehikoorma lighthouse seen from the beach

The area around Mehikoorma was the scene of a major battle in 1944.

Location: 58°14'0"N 27°28'36"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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