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Laiuse Fortress Ruins

Laiuse Linnuse Varemed

The ruins of Laiuse castle fortress are located along the road from Jõgeva to Mustvee. I visited in the summer of 2009 a short while before sunset which causes the typical long shadows of the season. Apparently it's not on the tourist trail either because I was entirely alone to enjoy this scene. Finding places undisturbed by other human beings is actually one of the joys of visiting Estonian countryside in general.

According to a plaque by the ruins, the castle was located on the northern border of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth from 1582 to 1622, after which it fell under Swedish control.

Laiuse fortress ruins.
Ruins of Laiuse fortress.
Laiuse fortress panorama.
Panorama of the Laiuse ruins.
Laiuse fortress tower.
Looking through the remaining tower.

Location: 58°48'43"N 26°32'40"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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