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Dreamhost is one of the most popular hosting providers. While other providers often limit the features available for no good reason, Dreamhost offers an attractive package of features, including unlimited bandwidth and unlimited diskspace. They also offer all those features that make it possible to operate a quality website, such as MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and for the geeks amongst us, Linux features like SSH and crontabs, and apache webservers. Dreamhost also offers many of the more popular software packages as easy 'one-click' installs, including Wordpress, phpBB, and Drupal.

Our own experience with Dreamhost has been very positive, and we have been impressed by the responsive and knowledgeable support team, that actually fixes the problems you report. That's one reason why we recommend them, another reason is that we can pass on the entire referral bonus to those who sign up, in the form of a discount and/or free extra services.

$50 Discount on Shared Hosting (from March 15th, 2015)

Get $50 discount on shared hosting at Dreamhost (annual plan). This is the maximum permitted discount that Dreamhost allows affiliates to offer after March 15th, 2016. It's our policy to always offer the maximum discount.

You risk little trying out Dreamhost as there is a 97-day money back guarantee.

Promo Codes / Discounts / Coupons (until March 14th, 2016)

NOTE: These promo codes are available until march 14th, 2016.

The promo codes below are coupons that give you the maximum monetary discount possible and optional extra services, which together are always worth $97. Extra services include lifetime domain names and lifetime IP numbers, which are valued at $15 and $30 respectively by Dreamhost. The list below contains a promo code for every possible combination of lifetime domain names and IP numbers.

For example if you sign up for a 1 year plan using the promo code POPULAR, you'll pay just $22.40 for the whole first year of hosting. That amounts to just $1.87 per month! However if you need an IP number or more domain names it's wise to signup with a promo code that gives you a lifetime IP number and/or extra domain names, as IP numbers normally cost $3.95 per month and domain names $9.95 per year.

Pick the most suitable promotion code from the table below. You can either click on the promotion code you want to use for it to be pre-selected for you, or copy and paste the code into the "promo code" box when signing up.

You risk nothing trying out Dreamhost as there is a 14-day free trial period and a 97-day money back guarantee.

Domain Names*
IP Addresses
You Pay
1 Year2 Years
No Promo Code$01+0$119.40$214.80

All prices are in US Dollars.

*) Includes the one free domain name that comes with every hosting plan.

Dreamhost Invitations (Discontinued)

A select few Dreamhost customers have been given special Dreamhost invitations to hand out. These give somewhat larger discounts, but only when applied to a 2 year signup period. The number of invitations available is limited to 5. They include the one free domain that comes with any hosting plan, and offer the following discount:

To use this discount go to the Dreamhost signup page by clicking directly on an invitation code. If needed paste the code into the "promo code" box. They only work once, so if the one you picked doesn't work, try another.

Domain Names*
IP Addresses
You Pay
1 Year2 Years

All prices are in US Dollars.

*) Includes the one free domain name that comes with every hosting plan.

Notice: If you are ever caught spamming, spreading viruses or spyware, hosting illegal content, attempting to defraud, or in any other illegal activity, you will be banned immediately by Dreamhost without any refund!


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