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StatEye Release Notes

A verbatim copy of the release notes.

StatEye Release Notes

version 0.9.7.j - released 2013-03-09

- Additions and corrections to definitions.
- Operating system groups added to definitions patterns.
- make status shows installed and waiting versions.
- Patterns for Maxthon and NetSurf browsers added.
- Session ID more compact.

Bug Fixes:
- IPv6 IP numbers caused bug.
- Deprecated ?pattern? bug fixed
- Non numeric arg in numeric equation in statincl.

--- * ---

version 0.9.7.i - released 2009-08-03

- Default update check period reduced to 3 days.
- UA patterns for Android added and several other UA patterns improved.
- KHTML and WebKit separated in UA analysis.
- Bing added to recognized search engines.

Bug Fixes:
- none.

--- * ---

version 0.9.7.h - released 2009-02-18

- Referrer type report added (from a link, search engine, none).
- statincl ignores pages containing "NO STATEYE", maintains existing
  prefix values unless overridden and now has an undo option.
- Added pattern for Flock, Opera Mini, J2ME, and improved many other patterns.
- Improved software update version checking.
- Added two setting checks to technical information section.

Bug Fixes:
- Lines containing control characters could create errors in the reports
  therefore control characters are now filtered out.
- Emtpy loglines shouldn't occur, but when they did caused an error in chomp.

--- * ---

version 0.9.7.g - released 2008-10-19

- Recognition for Google Chrome added to the browser patterns.
- All report sections can limit the number of listed items.
- DNS resolution and visitor details now off by default.
- status.xml permissions set to be readable only by user.
- Visit/visitor now more accurately labeled as sessions.
- Hits to blanc URLs now count only once (as is already the case with other
  URLs). This change is because runaway client processes sometimes log
  thousands of hits to a blanc URLs. Happened half a dozen times on 7is7.com
  It's best to count them as a single pageview.
- If we know the domain (through cookie_domain), sender e-mail now
  defaults to noreply@domain.name.

Bug Fixes:
- Download status code was accidentally appended to status.xml
  (bug had no consequence)
- Typos in definitions file for live search which caused it not
  to be recognized.

--- * ---

version 0.9.7.f - released on 2007-12-30

- statincl error messages print to STDERR
- statincl replaces multiple instances of stateye.incl code with single inst.
- stateye.js and stateye.incl now come in HTML and XHTML versions.
- Setup allows to directly sign up to newsgroup and announcement list.
- Added many new browser and OS definitions and a new search engine: pagebull
- Searches whose search terms we don't know still get counted.
- If .cgi extensions are required all required changes made by install script.
- suExec assumed on by default.

Bug Fixes:
- Cookiedomain was not properly set (missing semicolon).

--- * ---

version 0.9.7.e - released on 2007-02-12

- Prefixed urls (404 etc.) no longer split in subdirs in directory overview.
- Installation in alternatively named subdir now supported (without requiring
  manual changes).
- Set CSS styling for stateye.gif (to avoid possible styling complications).
- Breakdown by browser rendering engine in reports.
- Sessions per browser and OS introduced in pageviews per browser/OS sections.
- Theoretical risk of timestamp and log file date differing eliminated.
- Timezone reported in start time of process (in technical info overview).
- Added match in OS definitions for OpenBSD and Nintendo.
- Named all UNIX OS according to their variants (BSD, SunOS, IRIX, HP-UX)
- Added patterns for clusty.com (it does not show search terms in secondary
  search pages).
- A binary directory not in path can now be used for command line utilities.
- Setuid setting is now always asked during setup. Was only in advanced mode
  before (changed because suexec is being quite widely used nowadays).

Bug Fixes:
- stateye.js and stateye.incl updated for rendering issue in IE7
  extra space was introduced. Fixed with display:block in CSS.
- Rare occurrence of server error in stateye.gif resolved. If request was
  malformed to a certain point. The data collected from those requests has
  limited value anyway.
- Possibility of uninitialized string error in setup module removed.

--- * ---

version 0.9.7.d - released on 2006-08-14

- Setup no longer interrupted if utilities directory not found,
  instead user is asked again if utilities should be installed.
- Version numbering of Definitions changed to YYYYMMv format.
- Several new user agents matched including BonEcho and Minefield.
- Added possibility to "make" license.
- AWK no longer needed, the program that needed it has been rewritten in Perl.
- statincl rewritten entirely, more robust and solves several known problems.
- statincl can now add prefix for error pages.
- StatEye can now check for software updates of itself.

--- * ---

version 0.9.7.c - released on 2006-04-17

- Made stateye.incl compacter, avoids empty space in Firefox 1.0.7
- Links from reports to relevant explanations of that section on stateye.com.
- Only resolve IP numbers once (if two or more sessions were from the same
  IP number it would be resolved more than once, which is useless).
- IP number now also visible in top-n users list.
- Avant Browser added to browser definitions and a few others edited.
- stateye.js generated by make instead of setup.pl (maintains software logic).

Bug Fixes:
- 24 hours ago is not yesterday's date when daylight savings time starts
  (that day has 23 hours). Running a job between 00:00 and 01:00 caused it
  to go back 2 days instead of 1.

--- * ---

version 0.9.7.b - released on 2006-02-26

- Pageviews per referrer added to referrer sections.
- Browser definitions now discern between MSIE and Gecko variations of
  AOL and Compuserve browsers.
- ABCSok search engine added.

Bug fixes:
- An error in counting steps and triggers per referrer was fixed.
- Remove leading pattern defaults to "www\." instead of "www."

--- * ---

version 0.9.7.a - released on 2006-02-04

- stateyelink.html removed.
- var prefix renamed to stateye_prefix

--- * ---

version 0.9.7 - released on 2006-01-21

- Statincl now includes stateye.js after <body>, so that it is the first
  thing to be loaded (hopefully this will ensure that all pageviews are
  recorded, even of pages that do not load fully or if the visitor moves
  on before loading completion).
- default to using gzip (if available) for archive compression because it
  significantly outperforms compress.
- Setup in advanced mode will ask for a resource if the configured resource is
  different from the one it found in the system. In standard mode it leaves
  configuration as it is.
- Added Linspire patterns to StatEye definitions.
- Attached report file now is a .tsv (tab-separated-values).
- Improved stateye.js (output proper xhtml).

Bug fixes:
- Reporting with nice replaced with getpriority because nice returns an
  error on FreeBSD.
- Stateye.js checks for existence of location.href and document.referrer
  because it seems that some browsers blocking referrers trip on this.
- Correction to Ask Jeeves definition patterns.
- stattail checks on existence of log file before tailing
- stateye.gif permissions updated regardless of compilation

--- * ---

version 0.9.6 - released on 2005-12-16

Major changes:
- Setuid can be turned off (for suexec users)
- Command line utilities can optionally be installed in a dir in the path
  otherwise will be "installed" in the directory from which is being installed.
- Reanalyzed Browser and OS detection from UA string for new statdefs.pl.

Small changes:
- session_id can now also be a full regular expression.
- "Sending feedback" message after last feedback question.
- awk, sed and tmp now also detected by setup.pl
- Google Groups added to defined search engines.
- Verifying the existence of compress, zcat and gzip and setting appropriate
  usage of these resources.
- stateye.js made nearly 15% smaller and prefix option included.
- Added the pre-open source history of StatEye to these release.notes.

Small bug fix:
- non-JavaScript hits with prefix were not expanded (i.e. "404referer").

--- * ---

version 0.9.5.b5 finished on 2005-11-21 - unreleased (for test sites only).

Major changes:
- cookie domain can now be set (through setup.pl)
- Pageviews per directory overview.
- Major overhaul of search engine referrer analysis, all major search
  engine properties have been re-checked. Analysis of the results page
  on which the link was found (e.g. on Google your site could be on
  the page with results 30 to 40, this will be indicated by "30").
- Google images search terms are now also found and analyzed.
- Setup initializes all vars to their defaults from the default file.

Several smaller changes:
- Attachment changed to .csv, because it loads better into spreadsheets.
- Site name shown in key figures.
- Referring domains total now in key figures.
- Referring domain name correction mechanism built.
- Change to setup detection of system resources also look for
  /usr/sbin/sendmail and check if all are executable by effective user.
- Start time of script reported by statanal.pl
- Moved settings overview to tech details section.
- Show search_url and cart cookie name in tech details section.
- Show Overview of number of defined search engines, browsers and
  operating systems in tech details overview.
- Show all other settings in tech details overview.
- Change to statdefs.pl (in order to stop showing commercial messages
  that maybe placed in UA strings).
- Remove leading and trailing spaces from user input in setup.pl
  and perform minimal check on entered cookie domain name.

Fixed a couple of small bugs:
- Search URL matching correction for regular expressions (search_qs
  and search_page now match last bracket instead of first in case brackets
  are used in the regexp.
- Fixed bug in configuration line replacement.
- Cause of rare malformed logline reading error solved.

--- * ---

version 0.9.5.a released on 2005-10-08

- Improved Technical information, added clear overview of log lines:
  total, ignored, filtered out, discarded and remaining.
- Fixed 2 small bugs, 1 spelling mistake and made a small layout change.

--- * ---

version 0.9.5 released on 2005-10-02

- Added possibility to ignore certain IP numbers.
- Count multiple pageviews to same page in a row as single pageview.
- Subsite pattern made case insensitive.
- Check that archive file does not exist before attempting to create it.

--- * ---

version 0.9.4 released on 2005-09-16

- Report on total searches per major search engine added.
- Small change to URL decoding, regarding '+'.
- Small bug fixed for possible uninitialized var.
- Other small changes to makefile, setup and statanal.
- Changes for FreeBSD compatibility.
- Default to using gmake.
- Small change to site search matching functionality.
- Utility "statincl" utility added.

--- * ---

Version 0.9.3 released on 2005-08-31

- Small bugs fixed.
- Cookie logging improved.

--- * ---

Version 0.9.2 released on 2005-08-16

- Released as open source.
- Completed setup.pl, which was the last requirement for an initial release.

--- * ---

Historical notes - Version numbering was different and not tracked.

The original release was planned for the summer of 2004, but due to 
travels I hardly had the time to complete the software for release
until the summer of 2005.

Moved browser and OS pattern definitions to statdefs.pl from statanal.pl.

Prepared (cleaned up) stateye.c code for release as StatEye freeware.
Reorganized baselib.h library file for release as freeware.

Added logging for non-javascript browsers to stateye.c.
Reorganized baselib.c library file for release as freeware.

Package rebaptized as StatEye.
It's a good name and the .com domain was still available, so I took it.
Version number set to 0.9.0 (old package was at 1.2)

Analysis: visited page split in URL and QS.

Used $i++ instead of fixed numbers for entries in statdefs.pl
Leading "www." and trailing "index.html" removal of visited URLs made possible.

Checksum added to archive completion check, to prevent any risk of losing data.

Created statdefs.pl (definitions file for search engines) so that it would
be easier to update separately. It was previously harwired into statanal.pl.
Used method of search term analysis improved.

In stateye.c and baselib unesc was renamed to decode.
In baselib added the function decode, unesc renamed to encode
these functions decode and encode querystrings

COOKIE_SESSION and COOKIE_LOGINID added to baselib.h

General update of lots of stuff, DEBUG definitions added (later removed again).

Print process ID (our unhelpful provider ran our crontab twice and I wanted
proof that the mails came from 2 different processes).

Goto changed to overture.

Remove $email_subject, construct it from available data instead.

Added retDateStr and replaced retDate and retShortDate
with #define-s and added retYesterday to baselib.c and baselib.h.

Concatenated unesc and retQSval in stateye.c (thus removing two vars).
Added " (quote) to escstr in baselib.

Added trigger_url2, step1_url, step2_url to measure sales trajectory.
Removed search engines: Infoseek and Northernlight
Added search engines: Megaspider and Netscape

Added function retStr to guarantee a non-null value as certain c functions
compiled with certain compilers crashed on null value input.

Searches on own site (with site search) and click throughs on result pages
are now measured and reported.

Ignore rows that don't have 7 parts, there is obviously a reason why a few
rows are not correct but this way the reports are still OK (with these rows

Implemented reports as attachments to e-mail (instead of contents of e-mail).

Escape string function added to baselib.

Continued to implement triggers, fixed some things and added more texts.

Added Dogpile and Rocketlinks to search engines.

Added version number, dates in e-mail subject

Added check to baselib function to exclude ascii codes below 32 from being

Added Ilse.nl to list of surveyed search engines.
Added technical section to report (first version).
First attempt at caching DNS lookups, remember last IP address.

Resolved a small bug with reading of archived files.
Made visitors per day more visible.

Implemented a new and shorter transparent gif.

Created baselib.c and baselib.h as a separate library for stat.c
(which was sharing a library with other applications until then).
This made the executable smaller.

Limited list of distinct visitors.

Created statmail.pl to mail the reports (later renamed to statcron.pl).

Inversed domain names so that sorting them is possible (ex. com.yahoo.mail).

Added overview by day of the month for monthly reports.

Some unspecified changes were made to statanal.pl.
Output of .gif hardwired in an array (one less file access).
Generated from the original transparent gif file with a small script.

Statanal.pl (statistical analysis script) created for analysis of the log file.

First version of stat.gif created. Source was stat.c.
Output a 1 by 1 transparent gif and write data to the log.


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