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Emacs Keys

This page contains a selection of Emacs keys that are useful for editing the command line. It is more of a memo to myself and not intended as a guide or anything. So just see it as notes that I share with whoever is interested.

Check if shell is using emacs or vi as command line editor:


Emacs Keys

Ctrl-B, Esc-B   - Back letter, word
Ctrl-F, Esc-F   - Forward letter, word
Ctrl-D, Esc-D   - Delete letter, to end of word

Ctrl-P          - Previous line in history
Ctrl-N          - Next line in history

Ctrl-Y          - Yank (paste yanked item)
Esc-.           - Repeat last word for previous command

Ctrl-/, Ctrl-_  - Undo

Ctrl-R          - Search back

Ctrl-L          - Clear screen (= clear cmd)


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