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Nuke Anything Enhanced

Make nicer prints by removing useless parts of webpages

Recently I wanted to print a webpage containing the lyrics of a song I liked. Unfortunately the page contained too much irrelevant stuff for a nice print out. There were annoying graphics, texts and links at the top, bottom and side of the page.

Thankfully there is a nice extension which allows you to remove any part of a page, either by pointing at an object and removing it or by selecting a portion of a page to remove. The extension adds the removal option to the context menu (the menu you see when you "right-click" on a page).

With a few clicks and selections I cleared out all the clutter from the page (see screenshots below) and hit the print button. It obviously printed faster than it would otherwise have but more importantly it used up a less paper and ink. This makes this extension not only beneficial for your pocketbook considering the price of ink cartridges but also for the environment.

Screenshot before applying Nuke Anything
Screenshot after applying Nuke Anything


Added Advantage: Viewing or copying protected images

Some pages try to prevent you from viewing and copying images via the context menu, by overlaying them with a transparent image. Instead of viewing the picture you wanted to copy, you then copy the transparent image.

Nuke Anything Enhanced comes in handy here too, you can simply remove the transparent image that is on top of the image you want to copy. After which you are free to copy the real image.

How to use Nuke Everything Enhanced

To use this extension, make sure that you are viewing the page in Firefox (download firefox) and install the Nuke Everything Enhanced extension.

That's all there is to it!

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