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Customize webpages

Greasemonkey is an extension for Firefox which lets you run bits of code, known as "userscripts", on any webpage in order to change the appearance or behavior of that webpage. Although that may sounds a bit technical it is in fact a very useful and powerful extension that can be used to resolve all sorts of problems and annoyances with specific websites or enhance the usability of websites.


Probably nothing works better at explaining what Greasemonkey can do than to provide a few examples:

Or... whatever the issue is that you want to resolve:

Full Control

It's easy to activate or deactivate Greasemonkey by simply clicking on the monkey face at the bottom of your browser. However you can also just activate or deactivate individual userscripts through the menu that appears when you "left-click" on the monkey face. The menu will show the userscripts that are active on a particular site (YouTube in this example).

Greasemonkey Enabled
Greasemonkey Disabled
Greasemonkey Menu

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