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Translation Bookmarklets

These bookmarklets translate either the entire current page you are visiting or a bit of text that you have selected on the page. We had translation bookmarklets available here for two services; those using Google's translation service and those using Yahoo's (formerly Altavista's) Babel Fish translation service, but Yahoo has been discontinued. Using bookmarklets avoids the need to install toolbars but still allows you to translate a page with one click.

To install a bookmarklet simply "right-click" on a link and save it as a bookmark (or add to favorites) or drag it to your bookmarks folder. You can then run the bookmarklet when visiting any page, by clicking on the bookmark, or by selecting a bit of text that you want to translate and clicking on the bookmark. The translation is opened in a new tab or window.

This first bookmarklet is useful for returning to the original page from a translation.

Using Google Translate

Google Translate autodetects the language of a page and translates it into the language of your choice.

[DISABLED] Using Babel Fish Translation (Yahoo, formerly Altavista)

Yahoo's Babel Fish (formerly Altavista's) can translate between given language pairs.


These free bookmarklets have been developed by Otto de Voogd.

For feedback and bug reports contact me by E-mail.

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