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Simple Firefox Notepad

If you sometimes find a bit of text on a webpage that you want to make a quick note of, then this notepad is for you.

This bookmarklet (link below) will create a simple quick and handy notepad that you can run anytime directly from within your browser.

To install a bookmarklet simply "right-click" on a link and save it as a bookmark, or drag it to your bookmarks. You can then run the bookmarklet any time directly from your browser by clicking on the "Notepad" bookmark. You can also select some text and then click on the Notepad bookmark to find your text automatically pasted into the notepad. To test this bookmarklet simply click on the link.

Using the bookmarklet notepad is relatively simple:

  1. (Optional) Select some text on a webpage to be copied into the notepad.
  2. Click on the "Notepad" bookmark, a resizable pop-up will appear, in which you can type or edit your selected text.
  3. When finished select save from the menu (or use ctrl-s), if you want to save your note as a text file, make sure you select Text Files (instead of Web Page) and enter a filename with a .txt extension.

This bookmarklet works in Firefox and other Gecko based browsers such as SeaMonkey. It also contains a fix to make the notepad appear on top in Firefox 2 on Windows.


If you have problems using non-standard latin characters try setting your default character encoding. In Firefox go to ViewCharacter EncodingCustomize List and set the appropriate character enconding for your purposes, in general setting UTF-8 as the first default character encoding should be a good choice.

You can change the default starting size by manually editing this part of the bookmarklet code (in your bookmarks): height:450,width=350.

It is also possible to select text and images and drag them into the notepad preserving any formating. Such notes can be saved as a webpage.

Special thanks to Baris Unver whose posting (which unfortunately is no longer available) inspired me and provided the core that made this bookmarklet possible.


For feedback, bug reports, requests or other reasons, contact me by E-mail.

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