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Valgejärv Bog

Valgejärve raba

These photos were taken in 2012 in Valgejärv bog, a wetland reserve in noth western Estonia. A path of planks allows you to walk around the lake and through the bog.

Valgejärv panoramic view
Panoramic view of Valgejärv

The bog is named after the main lake in the bog. Above is panoramic view of the lake as seen from a bird watching tower. The lake's name litterally means 'white lake'. There are several lakes in Estonia bearing the same name. As may be obvious the reason for the name tends to refer to the clear waters of the lake, and this Valgejärv is no exception as can be seen below.

Valgejärv clear water
Clear water

As is typical in many Estonian bogs that have been opened to the public, there is a walking path through the bog made of planks and includes a small bridge accross a narrow section of the lake.

Walking path on planks through Valgejärv bog
Wooden walking path
Wooden walking bridge in the bog
The path includes a small bridge

From the bridge we observed the watterlilies and tadpoles.

Valgejärv waterlilies
Valgejärv waterlilies
Valgejärv waterlilies
Valgejärv waterlily

Location: 59°6'18"N 24°7'36"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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