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Uniküla Missile Base

Uniküla raket baas

In our search for former Soviet missile bases, we found Uniküla. It has several launchpads, with a characteristic wall of earth around it and a metal ring in the center.

What's also clearly noticeable is that retreating Russian soldiers attempted to destroy as much as possible of the base when they left Estonia. There is a bombed out hanger or shelter where a bomb exploded on the inside. Some other bunkers are also in ruins.

Uniküla missile base Lenin painting
Lenin painted on a wall of the base
Uniküla bombed out hanger
Bombed out hanger
Uniküla missile base launchpad
Center of the missile launch pad

Location: 57°55'56"N 26°5'27"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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