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Submarine Lembit

Allveelaeva Lembit

In 1934 the Estonian government contracted two submarines from the British engineering firm Vickers-Armstrong. The submarines Lembit and Kalev started operating as part of the Estonian Navy in 1937.

Both submarines were taken over by the Soviet Union in 1940 after it occupied Estonia. The Kalev sank under the Soviet flag probably after hitting a mine in October 1941.

For many years the submarine lay in the waters of the former seaplane harbor. In 2012 it was moved into the reconstructed seaplane hangar that now serves as the Estonian Maritime Museum.

Submarine Lembit front
The Lembit seen from the front in 2006
Submarine Lembit side
The Lembit seen from the side in 2006
Submarine Lembit
The Lembit in 2009
Submarine Lembit torpedo tubes
The Lembit's torpedo tubes.
Torpedo under the submarine
A torpedo under the submarine
Submarine Lembit machine room
The Lembit's machine room
Submarine Lembit bunk beds
Bunk beds in the Lembit
The Lembit
The Lembit

Video of the Winching of the submarine Lembit on the 21st of May 2011.

For information about visiting the Lembit see the Seaplane Harbour Museum website.

Location: 59°27'7"N 24°44'19"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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