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The river Ahja has carved its way through the sandstone in south eastern Estonia, leaving these carved out sandstone cliffs in Taevaskoda (Heaven's Hall).

There are two sandstone outcrops in Taevaskoda, Suur Taevaskoda and Väike Taevaskoda (Big and Small Taevaskoda respectively).

Suur Taevaskoda sandstone cliff
Suur Taevaskoda sandstone cliff
Suur Taevaskoda sandstone cliff in winter
Suur Taevaskoda sandstone cliff
Taevaskoda footbridge
Footbridge across the Ahja

Small Taevaskoda (Väike Taevaskoda) has two well known caves; Mother Spring Cave (Emalätte koobas) and Virgin's Cave (Neitsi koobas). Neitsi cave is 5 meters high and 14 meters. Emalätte cave is a source of cristal clear water.

Emalätte koobas - Mother Spring Cave
Emalätte koobas - Mother Spring cave
Neitsi koobas - Virgin's Cave
Neitsi koobas - Virgin's cave

Location: 58°6'28"N 27°2'59"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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