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Purekkari Cape

Purekkari Neem

Purekkari cape is the northernmost point of the Estonian mainland. It is also located in the Lahemaa national park, which lies some 50 kilometers east of Tallinn. As in many places the coastline is littered with boulders that were deposited during the ice age.

Purekkari Cape stonefield
Purekkari Cape
Purekkari Cape stonefield low tide
Purekkari Cape at low tide

This narrow peninsula leads to an "island" with a characteristic large boulder and a tree.

Approaching Purekkari Cape
Approaching Purekkari Cape
Purekkari Cape tip
Purekkari Cape tip

Location: 59°40'20"N 25°41'42"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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