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Pärsti Manor

Pärsti Mõis

Pärsti manor is located a short distance north of Viljandi. According to the information panel and other sources, a manor has existed at this location from before the Livonian War. The main building is a wooden historicist style building, built in the years 1871-1872. Presently the manor serves as a school.

Front of Pärsti manor
Front of Pärsti manor

Decorations in the wall of a side building which served as the distillery depict things like windmills.

Pärsti windmill decoration
Windmill decoration

The day we visited a stork was standing on the manor's old windmill.

Stork on windmill ruins
Stork on windmill

Location: 58°25'19"N 25°31'59"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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