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Naissaar, Former Soviet Navy Base

Endine Nõukogude Mereväe Baas

The island of Naissaar, just off the coast near Tallinn, used to be a base for the Soviet Navy. It was a closed island. Now that the Soviet and Russian armies have left, their former bases can be visited and we can observe the mess they left behind.

Naissaar Rail Service
A train sometimes runs along the old Soviet narrow gauge track
Naissaar Museum Torpedo
What I think is a torpedo lies in front of the Naissaar museum
Naissaar Cemetery
Entrance to the old Naissaar cemetery
Our guide Brahms
Our guide: this friendly German shepherd, named Brahms

Check-out the sea mines that litter the island.

Location: 59°32'36"N 24°32'52"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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