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Keava Bog

Keava raba

Rarely does one venture into marshlands in winter. The path of planks can't be seen, and the cold wind blows over the snowy bog. The only advantage is that there are no mosquitos.

Observation tower in Keava marshland
Observation tower

Keava bog is a marshland located in Raplamaa, not too far from Tallinn. The bog is protected as part of the Kõnnumaa natural park. In summer it's a patchwork of little lakes and soggy ground.

The next two panoramas looking north and south from the observation tower.

Keava marshland panorama (north)
Keava (north)
Keava marshland panorama (south)
Keava (south)

Location: 58°56'16"N 24°58'26"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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