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Everybody has a privacy policy these days and one of our advertisers (Google) asked us to update ours. In order to update it, you must actually have one first, so we sat down and thought about our "privacy policy". It seems we could simply sum up our privacy policy as follows:

However even though that is our intended policy, it turns out there are a few caveats after all:

Visitor Information

We do collect the usual visitor information, such as IP numbers, session cookies and user agents. Some people consider an IP number personal information, others don't. We think it is both, none of these things generally make it possible for us to identify an individual user as we don't collect any other personal information that we could associate with it. In this sense it is not personal information that we are collecting, but we still treat it as personal information in the sense that we do not share this information on a per user basis. We do use it to make aggregate statistics, such as the site statistics we regularly publish.


The site sets session cookies and some pages store status information in cookies so that you can continue where you left off when you return (example: your score in a game).


Nowhere on this site do we ask for personal information, but if you send us an e-mail we would, as you expect, know your e-mail and name (and whatever else you wrote in the e-mail). We may actually use that information to reply to you.

Third Party Content

There is some third party content on this site that is beyond our control. We do not get any personal information from them regarding our visitors, however they may themselves collect information and we refer you to their privacy policy. Most notable are the advertisements on some of our pages (provided by Google at the moment). They may track you and do all sorts of things in order to choose which ad to show you. As everything is not free in the world we need the ad revenue to cover a part of the cost of running and maintaining this site.

If you do not want to be tracked by advertisers and are fortunate enough to be using Firefox, go to Firefox Options (Preferences on Linux) then choose the Firefox Privacy Tab. Under Cookies you can untick the box that says "Accept Third Party Cookies". That's how we browse the web ourselves! It will stop any advertiser from efficiently tracking you on any site, not just here. In the same tab you can also set exceptions for cookies and block those from doubleclick.net (which serves the Google ads). Other browsers may have similar options. If yours does not can we suggest that you download and install Firefox?

Third Party Scanning

We consider the scanning of information transmitted between our sites and our visitors by a third party for the purpose of profiling our visitors to be an infringement of our visitor's privacy and hereby explicitly prohibit any third party from doing so.

Force Majeure

Force majeure may prevent us from being able to maintain our policy, this includes legal obligations.


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