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GPG e-Identity

To be able to identify me and communicate securely with me, you can find my GPG cryptographic key here, as well as a cryptographically signed statement certified by the Estonian state.

GPG public key

My GPG public key can be found here: 0x23bad351c916b67d. It has numerous signatures by people who know me or checked my identity.

It can be retrieved with GnuPG directly with the following instruction:

gpg --keyserver gpg.mozilla.org --recv-key 0x23bad351c916b67d
gpg --keyserver pgp.surfnet.nl --recv-key 0x23bad351c916b67d

Or it can be downloaded from here: Otto_de_Voogd_pubkey.asc. After which it can be imported into GnuPG with:

gpg --import Otto_de_Voogd_pubkey.asc

Trust path

Find a trust path from your GPG key to mine:

your key id :

ID Card Signature

Additionally I have signed my GPG public key, with my Estonian ID card. Which is a cryptographic signature with a key certified by the Estonian state as belonging to me. You can download a signed copy of my public key and declaration here: Otto_de_Voogd_pubkey.ddoc.

The Estonian ID software can be downloaded from id.ee. Alternatively one can use the online DigidocChek service. Even users outside of Estonia can use the software and online service to verify signatures of Estonian ID card holders and extract the documents in the ddoc file. Once extracted the GPG key can imported into GPG just as described in the section above.


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