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Tallinn Old Town

Tallinna Vanalinn

Tallinn's Old Town seen from the air on a cold winter day in January 2006 (it was -17°C). One can clearly see Toompea Castle perched on Toompea Hill, the many towers of Tallinn's medieval city wall and the churches.

Photo of Tallinn's Old Town from the
Tallinn's Old Town seen from the air.

Oleviste church in the back looks as if it is towering over the city. Oleviste was once the tallest building in the world reaching 159 meters. In 1625 the spire burnt down and it was rebuilt to just 123.7 meters. Vana Toomas (Old Thomas), the city hall spire can also be made out on this photo.

Location: on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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