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Simuna Meteorite Crater

Simuna Meteoriidikraater

The Simuna meteorite crater in Ida-Virumaa is 8.5 meters wide and 1.9 meters deep. It is the result of an impact on the 1st of June 1937, and as such is a very young crater.

It is located in the village of Orguse, near Simuna, and is hence also referred to as the Orguse crater.

Meteorite Crater in Simuna
The small crater of Simuna
Meteorite Crater in Simuna
Meteorite Crater in Simuna

The Simuna crater is the 6th largest known meteorite impact crater in Estonia. Two of the bigger craters are those at Kaali and Ilumetsa.

Note: The geolocation is a best guess that we have not been able to verify.

Location: 59°4'21"N 26°22'44"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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