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Jaanilinn Castle

Jaanilinna Loss

In the north east of Estonia straddling the present day Russian-Estonian border are two castles. The castles of Narva (previous photo) and Jaanilinn face each other from their respective sides of the border.

From Narva castle we can observe the castle on the other side of the river (and border) in what used to be the Estonian town of Jaanilinn. After the Second World War Stalin redrew the border to its present location. The Russian name for Jaanilinn is Ivangorod.

Narva Castle
Jaanilinn (Ivangorod) Castle.

Since it takes 3 days and more than 100 dollars to get a visa to visit Russia, few make the effort to actually visit this castle. We just observe it from Estonia.

Location: 59°22'30"N 28°12'20"E on: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Maa Amet.

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